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Blue Earth Conservation unites world leading experts with conservation issues to find real world solutions.  We work best in collaborative partnerships bringing our extensive network of connections together to actively address key issues.


Making A Difference


Invasive Species

Invasive species threaten native ecosystems and the livelihoods that depend on them. We work extensively to address established invasions such as the lionfish as well as prevent new invasions through early detection and rapid response. Our research efforts focus on developing new tools and techniques for practical solutions.



Reefs and oceans in the Caribbean have suffered greatly due to natural and human caused disturbances.  We work closely with partners to address these degradations and develop efforts to enhance and restore these ocean ecosystems.


Having led over 100 expeditions around the world, we realize that first hand knowledge and experience is the best way to engage the interested public and create stakeholders that support our ocean environment.  We continue to educate and engage divers and non divers through conservation focused trips led by world leading experts.



With world renowned topical experts on invasive species, ocean conservation, sharks, diving and research Blue Earth is happy work with media to help educate the public on conservation issues.   Click below to find links to past media coverage and contact information for future work.


Partners and Collaborators

Committed to the Cause

Peter Hughes


Peter Hughes is a legend in the diving industry. As a pioneer in establishing first class resort diving and lieaboards, Peter has been honored as an inductee in both the DEMA and International Scuba Diving Halls of Fame as a NOGI awardee and recognized worldwide for his conservation ethic.

Neal Watson


Neal Watson is renowned in the diving industry as one of the most successful business operators in the Caribbean. He has set numerous world records that still stand to this day. Neal has served as the head of the Bahamas Dive Association and worked closely with the dive industry on shark protection measures.

Ryan Chadwick


Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and restuaranteur who had focused on addressing the invasive lionfish issue by raising awareness through major media and creating markets for lionfish as a foodfish.  His company, Normans Lionfish, distributes lionfish to high end clients throughout the US.

Andy Dehart


Andy Dehart is a world leading marine life expert, specializing in sharks.  His work for the Discovery Channel has led to appearances on every major news network. Andy has worked to help educate the public about conservation issues through public aquaria in the US and internationally.

Dr Stephanie Green


Dr. Stephanie Green is a professor at the University of Alberta. Previously at Simon Fraser, Oregon State and Stanford, Stephanie's work has focused on Invasive species, climate change effects and microplastic pollution.


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